Hair shedding is considered a normal function of the body, as it is quite common to shed anywhere between 50-100 hairs a day. It is, however, important to clearly distinguish between normal shedding and the post-operative shedding of transplanted hair grafts.

Shock loss after FUE hair transplant in Dubai

Patients often experience excessive hair shedding, immediately after undergoing a hair transplant. This phenomenon is known as shock loss. It is important to recognize the fact that shock loss is a body’s normal response to trauma (scalp receives during transplant).

Hair transplant involves harvesting of genetically resistant hair and implanting them to bald areas. Tiny incisions are made also referred as slab incisions in which individual follicular units are placed. Whatever procedure you choose for transplantation, the procedure is a traumatic experience for the scalp. As a result, hair begins to shed. However shedding of hair is temporary. Hair begins to grow back in a period of three to four months. Shock loss is a part of the hair restoration procedure. There is nothing to be alarmed about as it does not indicate any permanent damage. However, there are different ways one can reduce excessive hair shedding.

Reduce hair shedding after FUE hair transplant in Dubai

Following are some ways one can minimize the effects of shock loss.


Medication like minoxidil is proved to increase hair fall and helps in the prevention of hair fall. Rogaine is another important medication when it comes to treating excessive hair loss. Finasteride is also one such medication which can aid in minimizing the effects of shock loss. However before using any of such medication, it is important to consult a hair transplant surgeon to ensure it won’t mess up with the hair transplant.

Non surgical therapies

Non surgical treatments like PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy and Acell therapy work wonders for your scalp and shock loss when use in combination with hair transplants. Acell and PRP therapy works to strengthen damaged hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth. Many reputed surgical clinics offer free non surgical therapy session with hair transplant surgery. To learn further about non surgical treatments, please visit

Camouflaging techniques/ products

Multiple products are available in market to camouflage thinning hair or bald scalp. As you have undergone hair transplant, you will not need these products in future. But while the effects of shock loss last, these products can be your best friends. Invest in a hair fiber product, tinted hair spray, camouflaging powders or fiber sprays to hide the effects of shock loss. Avoid going for hair pieces, wigs and bases to cover up the shock loss effects. This is to let your scalp and hair follicles breathe which will ultimately result in best hair transplant results.


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