Hair loss is an issue that everyone experiences at one point or another in their lives. The only sound cure for treating balding and hair loss issues permanently is to get a hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية). With the help of hair transplant, you will achieve natural looking hair for lifetime that will require zero maintenance. But for getting a hair transplant, you’ll have to wait till you are at least 30 or even more, till your hair loss has formed a pattern and is not progressing any further.  Until then, you can try out these easy and simple home remedies that won’t blow out your budget.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk has rich moisturizing and nourishing properties which will help to reduce hair fall.

How to use

You can scrap fresh coconut and extract its milk via blending it and separating the solid pulp from the milk. You can apply this coconut milk directly to your scalp and hair. Massage it in for a good twenty minutes and leave it on for an hour. Afterwards, follow your regular shampooing routine. It will minimize hair fall and will work until you can finally get a hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية).


Olive oil and honey

Olive oil nourishes your scalp and hair and honey is well known for its antibacterial properties. Together, they will form the most amazing concoction for your hair.

How to use

Mix two tablespoons of both of them together and apply directly to your scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for one to two hours. It will create a green house effect and will lock the moisture in your hair. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo afterwards.


Neem leaves

Neem is famous for its anti bacterial and hair loss fighting properties which are essential to control hair fall if you are not ready for hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية) just yet.

How to use

Take a cup of neem leaves and after washing them, put them in two cups of boiling water. As soon as the water reduces to half its actual quantity, strain out the leaves and apply the neem water to your hair, focusing primarily on the roots of hair.



Egg whites and yogurt

It might seem like a weird combination but it can work wonders for your hair. Egg whites and yogurt are high in protein, which are extremely beneficial for your hair.

How to use

Blend two egg whites in a blender. Add three tablespoon of yogurt in it and blend the two together. Saturate your hair with the mixture and rinse thoroughly after one hour.


Shana seeds

Shana seeds are definitely an ingredient which is hard to find. You can get it from local Asian grocery stores. They are remarkable for stopping hair fall.

How to use

Warm up coconut oil or olive oil (use whichever you prefer). Add shana seeds in it. Let it warm up for half an hour more and massage it in your scalp for about ten minutes. You can let it sit overnight and then wash off with your regular shampoo and conditioner in the morning. Use it once a week. You can regard this remedy your rescue until you undergo hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية).

Lime seeds

If you are suffering from small bald patches throughout the scalp rather than overall thinning, lime seeds are your rescue to the situation.

How to use

Powder the lime seeds and fresh pepper. Mix the two powders together. Add a little water to form a paste and apply the mixture to bald patches. Do not apply it throughout the scalp and focus only on bald patches. You can use this remedy twice a week and you will notice significant results.

Aloe gel

Aloe Vera is a beauty plant. It is equally beneficial for skin, hair and overall health. You can apply it on skin, scalp, consume it with water for health benefits and it will help you.

How to use

The best way to use aloe vera gel is by extracting it from a plant yourself. Just get hold of aloe vera plant, cut a part off from it, extract the gel with the help of a spoon and store in a fridge for later use. Apply the gel to your scalp for fifteen minutes before washing out your hair and wash off with a sulphate free shampoo.

All these natural remedies can help to decrease the extent of hair fall until you decide to undergo hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية). But ultimately hair transplant is the only permanent cure.


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