Ever wondered your hair beliefs might be just myths? There are many hair related myths some of them are:

  • Shaving the head of a newborn prevents future baldness.
  • Don’t pluck the grey hair as more grey hair will come out.
  • Hair grow faster when they are frequently trimmed.
  • Washing hair daily results in hair fall
  • Sun is the best way to lighten hair
  • Sleeping with hair down makes them grow faster

There must be several more myths that you might have heard of are still believed as true.

Hair are important part of our body. There had been an increase in the hair problems over the years in male and female both. The word trichologist comes from the Greek word and is used as a word for hair doctor. This field of science emerged in the nineteenths and became a well-known medical discipline which people all around the world opt to study. There are trichologist associations around the world from which an individual can specialize in scalp diseases and hair issues.

Different hair and scalp problems include:

  • Hair loss

An individual starts to loose large amount of hair which can be seen as clumps in hair brushes and thinning patches of scalp.

  • Dandruff

White flakes that is dead skin of scalp.

  • Male pattern baldness

Hair loss seen at the temples of the scalp.

  • Female pattern baldness

Diffuse pattern hair loss from the scalp.

  • Ringworm of the scalp

Painful scalp with itchy patches.

  • Psoriasis

Plaque which is thick red patches of skin on scalp.

  • Head lice

A louse which sucks blood from the scalp.

  • Bamboo hair

Hair that break easily.

A trichologist in Dubai deals with these and more hair and scalp problems and is able to recommend individualized treatments based on the patients problem. A trichologist will help you boost the health and look of the hair and scalp.


Why to visit a trichologist in Dubai?

The above mentioned problems have serious reasons behind them and to cure a problem it’s important to know the exact reason of its cause. So stop believing in myths and the self-created solutions and visit a trichologist. As getting a proper consultation at right time is better and not paying a visit could make it worse.

You might be having some of the few reasons for hair fall mentioned below which only a trichologist could make you aware of and suggest the proper prescription

  • Lack of nutrients intake such as proteins and B-complex vitamin
  • Hereditary hair loss
  • Sudden change in hormones
  • Iron deficiencies
  • Intake of cancer treating medications
  • Giving childbirth may result in hair loss in some women.

Sick of the low confidence caused by the odor smell of your hair? This oily secretion that causes your hair to become oily and smelly is a skin cell disorder that a trichologist can help you of. Shed this low confidence and boost your personality by visiting a trichologist in Dubai now for proper medications and steps to recover from this problem.

How to benefit from the best trichologist in Dubai

Hair problems result in depression among individuals who are very particular about their looks. It also leads to a low confidence while communicating with people. Don’t just sit and cry over your hair problems. The long waited desire to attain the hair you always wanted could only be achieved by consulting a trichologist in Dubai.

It is very important to check the educational background and the years of experience a trichologist has before you pay a visit for an expert level advice and treatment beneficial for your hair and scalp problems.

A good trichologist will understand the depth of your problem and guide you through the recovery process until you achieve the desired results.

Perform a complete research and check reviews to book an appointment!


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