Choosing which hair transplant methodology to go for is a tough decision. Understanding the detail elements of the Robotic Procedure will help you figure out whether it is ideal for you. You should comprehend what is to be done before, during and after the transplant.
After the initial stage, hair is specifically reaped with automated machines that give accuracy and predictable graft analysis. Use of robotic hair transplant give speed and increases the exactness inaccessible with manual handheld strategies.

  • Benefits of Robotic hair transplant method (زراعة الشعر بالطريقة الروبوتية)

It is not at all like other mechanized FUE extraction gadgets, the robotic hair transplant is beneficial as it avoids some of the basic extraction pitfalls that can reduce graph quality which can lessen general hair development yield. Since the gadget evacuates grafts with less pressure and torsion, slices to a depth of nearly 4 mm, and leaves a “cushion” of reasonable fat around the extricated grafts, the follicular units experience a negligible measure of injury and give sufficient yield. Besides, the gadget doesn’t use any kind of vacuum or suction system to expel the grafts before implantation, the grafts aren’t lead to unreasonable drying.
Robotic hair transplant method (زراعة الشعر بالطريقة الروبوتية) offers precision with exact extractions that permit hair transplant doctors to evacuate a normal of 900 to 1200 follicular grafts for every hour with insignificant transection rates as low as 8%. Since the extraction programming decides the right angle and course of each follicular unit and utilizes a calculation to arbitrarily choose grafts; the robotic hair transplant procedure is very precise and abstains from collecting a lot of benefactor’s hair from a specific region. In this manner, the dangers of both transection and noticeable scarring are drastically decreased. The robot additionally diminishes the dangers of human mistake, exhaustion, of the grafts – all of which can prompt to harm to the follicles and poor development.


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