Restore Your Mustache, Sideburns or Beard with a Facial Hair Transplant

The concept of hair transplant is usually associated with hair restoration on the scalp. With the advancement of hair transplant industry, hair restoration procedures have crossed boundaries and are used for mustache, sideburns, and beard transplant Dubai as well.

Hair Loss in Men

Many men have trouble growing facial hair. It might happen due to genetics or losing hair all over your body. Facial hair adds to the masculinity and charm of an individual. Luckily with the advancement of hair restoration industry, you can now undergo beard hair transplant to enhance your looks. Now, you can too feel confident about your looks by undergoing facial hair restoration. Choose a good clinic and surgeon and revive your looks for a lifetime.

Selecting the right surgeon

Selection of a surgeon is an important aspect of beard transplant Dubai. A highly skilled and expert surgeon is guaranteed to provide great results. Every individual is different. People with different ethnicities require a different type of care while undergoing the procedure. That’s where the experience of a surgeon comes handy and it will allow him to understand your skin and hair type and deliver accordingly. A surgeon will ask you to come for an initial consultation and you can share all your concerns with him/her in the first meeting. Discuss different techniques when it comes to hair restoration and opt for an approach which you feel most comfortable with and that suits you best.

Cost of beard transplant Dubai

The cost of beard hair transplant varies significantly depending upon the clinic chosen, hair restoration surgeon and technique.  All these factors determine the final cost for beard transplant Dubai. On average, the cost per graft is 15 AED. About 500 grafts are enough to restore your beard, mustache, and sideburns.

Recovery Phase and Results

The recovery period of Beard Transplant Dubai depends upon the technique chosen. Follicular Unit Transplant requires more time to heal and a Follicular Unit Extraction method allows you to heal completely within a week. The results produced by Beard Transplant Dubai are permanent and you won’t have to undergo any maintenance treatments afterward. The transplanted hair grows in the same manner as natural hair and no one can tell them apart. Within six months, you will have a full beard and you can style it in any manner you want.


Is a Receding Hairline Making You Look Older? FUE Hair Transplant Will Help!


Hair adds to the charm and beauty of your personality. Unfortunately, we don’t realize this until we shed most of our hair. You probably have seen a 20-something looking like he is approaching 40 due to receding hair line. Many men and women are losing their hair in their early twenties or thirties. There are a gazillion factors which contribute towards it ranging from nutritional deficiencies to water loaded with chemicals and heat styling. Regardless, thin hair will is bound to impact your hair in a negative manner.

The solution to the problem

Thankfully in this day and age, we have a solution to each and every issue. The most popular technique for treating receding hairline today is FUE hair transplant in Dubai. This procedure is suitable for men and women alike as it does not involve extraction of the strip from a specified donor region. It is also suitable for patients who have gone completely bald and don’t have any hair left on their scalp. With FUE hair transplant in Dubai, body hair can be transplanted onto the scalp.  The main goals of FUE hair transplant are:

  • Help you achieve fuller and thicker head of hair permanently.

  • Avoid linear scarring associated with older techniques.

  • To minimize downtime and recovery period as well.

The Procedure

FUE hair transplant in Dubai is an advanced hair restoration technique which is performed under local anesthetic by a surgeon. It comprises the following steps:

  • Your scalp is properly cleaned.
  • The donor site is shaved. Donor site can be anything which has baldness resistant hair whether it is scalp, body or beard.
  • Afterward, hair follicles are extracted with the help of a micro punch with less than 0.1 mm diameter.
  • Extracted grafts are handed over to the staff for trimming any excess tissues and hair length.
  • Local anesthesia is administered to the recipient’s area and it is marked down for added precision.
  • Tiny incisions are made in a specified pattern.
  • Grafts are inserted into the micro incisions made by the surgeon and it concludes the procedure.

About three thousand grafts can be implanted in one go using FUE hair transplant in Dubai. Most individuals prefer this procedure because it involves no significant recovery period and downtime and the patient heal completely within a week.

Natural Looking Results

Earlier hair plugs were used for treating baldness. Many celebrities are examples of victims to hair plugs. Hair Plugs resulted in a very unnatural appearance and everyone could spot a difference between real hair and transplanted hair. It almost resembled a thread hanging from your head. With FUE hair transplant in Dubai, you don’t have to face this issue. No one can tell the difference between transplanted and real hair. There is no scarring involved with this particular technique so you can keep it a secret if you want to. These benefits gave Follicular Unit Extraction, an edge over all other techniques.

Which method of hair transplant can get you natural looking results

Hair transplant in Abu Dhabi is an effective way to gain the lost hair and confidence. There are two procedures of hair transplant that are commonly used to treat hair loss. Let’s discuss the two procedures,

 FUE vs. FUT

FUT is Follicular Unit Transplant, this an older technique and involves removing the skin with healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp. The removed linear strip of skin is divided and dissected according to the grafts requirement in the benefactor region. It leaves a linear scar at the donor area which can be covered by hair. Special aftercare is also needed for healing.

The recent treatment, FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction, is done by making small incisions in the transplanted area. The hair follicles are directly extracted from the scalp and placed into the incisions. The procedure takes long as it is tough and tiring. But the scar is not as big as that produced by the FUT; small white scars are formed due to the process which is not visible.

Both procedures of hair transplant in Abu Dhabi will get you permanent hair. However, FUE process reduces scarring and involves less pain.

The transplanted hair follicles fall out after two weeks but that’s natural and part of the process, so no need to worry about it. New hair begins to grow in the area, and full growth is seen in about a year.

Risks and Complications

Before going for a hair transplant, ask your doctor about the expected result and the possible risks and complications. Ask them how they will reduce the risk and what they can do if a complication does occur. Do ask all your queries and confusions from the surgeon so you feel comfortable.

Some Risks Associated with Hair Transplant are:

  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Unnatural look
  • Patchy hair pattern
  • The death of extracted hair follicles.

Some complications associated with hair transplant in Abu Dhabi is:

  • Numbness
  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Hiccups
  • Swelling
  • Redness in the area of transplanted hair

Appropriate After Care

After the hair transplant in Abu Dhabi here are certain things you need to avoid. A rigorous aftercare is important if you get FUT hair transplant procedure done. While FUE transplant requires little care and the healing is quick. The things you need to avoid after hair transplant include alcohol, smoking, and intake of blood thinners and even spicy foods.

Take Your Time to Decide

A good clinic will not pressurize you to get the hair transplant until you are ready. The surgeon at the clinic will guide you and describe the whole process with pictures of before and after surgery results of the patients they have treated. A scalp examination with blood tests is also done to know the cause of the hair loss. It is recommended to take your time, and once you know your hair fall has reached a stable stage, and you are comfortable with getting the hair transplant then opt for it. Don’t rush for it without proper research.

Choose the surgeon who is professional and has the expertise of performing the hair transplant. Don’t be afraid of asking the doctor about the qualifications and experience. Find the surgeon who you think is best at performing the art of hair transplant. Also, don’t choose the surgeon on the basis of the price they take for the procedure. Also, don’t settle for anything less than what you expect from the results, as there are many clinics and surgeons out there that promise the result but lack the experience to deliver the results.

PRP injections to treat hair loss

Blood treatment? Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) infusions bathe damaged cells in a concentrated blend produced using your own blood. Ideally, this invigorates recuperating except — particularly unyielding, moderate movement wounds like tendinitis; however nobody truly knows about this.

In spite of all the not-knowing, someone can be paid to do this for you nowadays: extricate some of your blood, turn it in a centrifuge to get the platelets, and afterward inject them into the desired hair growth area. It’s expensive, but PRP scalp injections for hair loss have turned out to be super prevalent, especially among sportsmen. It sounds ideal for wounds like patellofemoral agony, a greatly regular pseudo-joint pain of the knee in runners, or IT band disorder, another sort of basic runner’s knee.

Why platelets?

Meet the Clotters! Platelets are the significant thickening instrument in your blood, and they are critters, neither cells nor particles, yet an abnormal mixture regularly called “cell fragments”. Platelets are to blood cells what wood chips are to a log .Platelets have a group of natural components, they are best known for their work in thickening — and that is predominantly what gives them that mending persona.

There are innumerable biochemical variables that direct recuperating — it’s unpredictable, without a doubt. Platelets play an important part in tissue repair and recovery; particularly they direct key systems required in the recuperating procedure including cell relocation, expansion, and angiogenesis.

PRP scalp injections for hair loss is regularly called “regenerative medication,” on the grounds that the possibility of truly quickened mending is so tempting. Be that as it may, it’s more advertising than science. You could presumably talk individuals into drinking a platelet smoothie in the event that you let them know it would “recover” them. It is not protected to accept a soup of platelets is regenerative.


Infusing medicines into muscles won’t be dangerous. (Nobody’s astounded by that? Great!) Anaesthetics and NSAIDs most likely are a little myotoxic — harmful to muscles — and there’s “clashing confirmation” about PRP. It may be fine, yet it’s critical to tolerate as a top priority that faddish new scalp injections for hair loss are risk-free.

Who says more platelets empowers recuperating? Is that in the Platelet User Guide? “For additional mending, apply platelets to the wound.” Dosage is basic with many solutions. More is not just not generally better, it’s routinely more harmful. Do different cells like being showered in ten more the typical number of platelets?


In PRP advertising and build up, it’s normal to see guarantees that it’s a “characteristic” treatment — in light of the fact that it’s your own blood being come back to you, see? — And what could be more secure and more advantageous than your own blood? Be that as it may, this is bio-counter-intuitive: there are bunches of stuff within me that I would prefer not to be separated, focused, and returned! Pick any hormone, for example huge numbers of those are similarly as included in recuperating as platelets, however, a lot of the vast majority of them is only a catastrophe. As a rule, what you need in science is perfect measures of everything, not heaps of additional anything.

For a case near platelets theoretically, there is an infection of over the top iron, hemochromatosis — a noteworthy segment of red platelets, fundamental to life, something you could undoubtedly think you need a great deal of for essentialness and recuperating. What’s more, without a doubt you do, in case you’re iron deficient. In any case, constantly retain excessively, and it’s a disease.

It’s truly very odd to accept that a platelet-rich sauce o’ blood scalp injections for hair loss are regular and safe in light of the fact that the stuff originated from you. Which is the reason this treatment should be tried, not accepted — like each treatment.

Robotic hair transplant

Choosing which hair transplant methodology to go for is a tough decision. Understanding the detail elements of the Robotic Procedure will help you figure out whether it is ideal for you. You should comprehend what is to be done before, during and after the transplant.
After the initial stage, hair is specifically reaped with automated machines that give accuracy and predictable graft analysis. Use of robotic hair transplant give speed and increases the exactness inaccessible with manual handheld strategies.

  • Benefits of Robotic hair transplant method (زراعة الشعر بالطريقة الروبوتية)

It is not at all like other mechanized FUE extraction gadgets, the robotic hair transplant is beneficial as it avoids some of the basic extraction pitfalls that can reduce graph quality which can lessen general hair development yield. Since the gadget evacuates grafts with less pressure and torsion, slices to a depth of nearly 4 mm, and leaves a “cushion” of reasonable fat around the extricated grafts, the follicular units experience a negligible measure of injury and give sufficient yield. Besides, the gadget doesn’t use any kind of vacuum or suction system to expel the grafts before implantation, the grafts aren’t lead to unreasonable drying.
Robotic hair transplant method (زراعة الشعر بالطريقة الروبوتية) offers precision with exact extractions that permit hair transplant doctors to evacuate a normal of 900 to 1200 follicular grafts for every hour with insignificant transection rates as low as 8%. Since the extraction programming decides the right angle and course of each follicular unit and utilizes a calculation to arbitrarily choose grafts; the robotic hair transplant procedure is very precise and abstains from collecting a lot of benefactor’s hair from a specific region. In this manner, the dangers of both transection and noticeable scarring are drastically decreased. The robot additionally diminishes the dangers of human mistake, exhaustion, of the grafts – all of which can prompt to harm to the follicles and poor development.

Happiness is good hair

Why does hair turn dim, and what would you be able to do to back off the procedure?


Cells at the base of the hair called melanocytes are in charge of creating the shade that gives hair its shading. To do this, they require vitamin B12 and, an inadequacy of this vitamin can bring about untimely turning grey hair. In any case, once you pass the age of 30, the limit of melanocytes to make color actually starts to diminishing, and they in the end wear out. The rate at which this happens is to a great extent directed by hereditary qualities, yet smoking can likewise hurry the procedure. Smoking drains numerous vitamins in the body, and delivers free radicals which can decimate cells,” Trichologist Dubai.


Shouldn’t something be said about anxiety and hair relationship?

Alopecia areata causes pigmented hairs to drop out, however saves silver hairs – giving the impression of fast turning grey – and it can be activated by worry in some individuals who stress out quickly. “You could go from looking truly black to white hair over a couple days due to this condition.


Regardless of the possibility that turning grey is inescapable, you can utilize a few traps to hide it decent tip is to wear the hair out and forward instead of up, as white hairs are frequently found around the hairline.


What causes split end, and would they be able to be repaired?

Split ends are the after effect of a hair shaft breaking, as a rule because of heat or chemicals. This leaves the hair dried out and less versatile – and more vulnerable to breakage.


Sadly, once you have them, the best way to dispose of split ends is to cut them off. Where the hair has split ends, the outer layer of hair which ordinarily ensures the hair is protected, so no product will settle this back together.


Does washing hair more frequently lets them become greasier?


No, but if you have oily hair then massaging the scalp can fortify oil creation in your hair resulting in greasier hair. Truth be told, washing will probably dry your hair out .Your body or scalp shouldn’t be washed daily with cleanser or shampoos as the dry out the scalp and making it easier for the oil to travel down the hair. Frequently we utilize conditioners to return something that has been lost.”


In any case, conditioners can themselves make hair seem greasier in light of the fact that they smooth the outer layer skin of hair, oil goes down the hair quicker. Consequently, conditioner is best utilized on the mid-lengths.





Does unwashed hair in the long run clean itself? 


Hair ought to go about as a wick; drawing oil far from the scalp and lastly rubbing off on your pillows and whatever other surfaces your hair touches. In any case, this is worse if you have long hair, and not washing hair for long can be unhygienic. We all have miniaturized scale living beings living on our scalp which can bring about irritation and flaky scalp protestations on the off chance that they are left to breed.


Does pulling make hairs become back thicker or in more prominent amounts?

“Cull one silver hair, become back two” says trichologist Dubai. In any case, hair follicles just deliver one hair, and there’s no proof that culling empowers more hairs to develop. On the off chance that anything, it’s probably going to do the inverse. Persistent pulling out of hair makes the hair follicle to die and lead to hair loss. This is generally observed with eyebrows, which can turn out to be thin following quite a while of being culled. There is no distinction with regards to silver hairs, as the hair follicle structure is the same.


Be that as it may, in specific circumstances, damage to the skin and hidden tissue can invigorate hair to develop: for example, individuals who have broken a bone report hair becoming back thicker in the zone encompassing the break. Specific examples of culling may trigger hair development, despite the fact that the procedure isn’t yet completely caught on.


What causes hair loss?

It depends. Hair develops in cycles, and being focused or unwell can briefly trigger a greater amount of it to enter the shedding stage. At that point there’s sparseness, which represents more than 95% of male pattern baldness in men and is likewise the most widely recognized reason for baldness in ladies as well. The hair follicles on the scalp are delicate to the hormone testosterone (which is likewise created by ladies). Testosterone causes scaling down of the follicles, which delivers better and shorter hairs,” clarifies trichologist Dubai.


Exactly how sensitive your follicles are is controlled by your hereditary qualities; if a lot of your relatives have lost their hair then you will probably go uncovered yourself. Despite the fact that there’s no cure for example hair loss, you can back off its movement. Propecia is a medication that is accessible on medicine, while Regaine is a moisturizer that can be purchased over the counter. Both back off this scaling down process.


Can anything make your hair growth speedier?

Excessively brushing hair can accomplish more mischief than anything else. While some brushing is important to evacuate tangles, and can draw d oil along hair strands, on the off chance that anything, brushing will stress the hair, says trichologist Dubai. Like turning grey, the rate at which your hair develops is dictated by your qualities. Cautious massaging can build blood stream to the scalp and support the supply of oxygen and supplements, however it won’t expand the speed of hair development, says trichologist Dubai. Consuming protein-rich sustenance’s, for example, flax seeds, walnuts, fish and avocados ought to help your hair growth.

Just about hair

Hair is the main human body part that persistently develops, goes into resting phase, and phenomenally develops again all through life. Trichologist in Abu Dhabi tells that all body hairs develop at about a similar rate, however they fluctuate in the length of their development time. Eyelash hair and lower arm hair have a short life cycle of a month or less. Head hair develops for two to six years before it shrinks at its base and drops out, and soon thereafter the hair follicle rests for around three months and afterward rouses itself for another development period.

  • HAIR GROWTH AND ANATOMY by a Trichologist in Abu Dhabi

  • Between 50 and 80 hairs a day are shed normally. Shedding increments in spring and fall.
  • Women’s hair grow quickly than men’s hair.
  • Hair growth increases between ages 15 and 30, with a sharp decrease between ages 50 and 60.
  • Hair grows 1/72 inch for each day, or about ½ inch every month.
  • The normal head has around 100,000 hair follicles, which can develop numerous hairs.
  • 85 percent of hairs on the head are in their development stage at any given time.
  • The specialized term for hair on the head is capilli.
  • The outer hair layer is the cuticle (straightforward, covering cells); the center layer is the cortex (wellspring of quality, flexibility, and shade); the deepest layer is the medulla.


  • HAIR COLOR facts by a Trichologist in Abu Dhabi
  • Hair gets its shading from the pigment called melanin, a similar operator that provides the color to the skin and eyes.
  • The shading is contained in the hair shaft or the cortex, which is in the center layer of a hair.
  • Hair is to a great extent made out of the protein keratin; artificially, dull hair has more carbon and less oxygen than lighter hair.
  • Color is the component that is inherited, alongside the degree and timing of turning grey.
  • Grey hair is not by any means dark, yet is a nonappearance of shading in the hair shaft, making it white or obscure.
  • Greying for the most part begins at the hairline and advances toward the back of the head.
  • Grey un pigmented hairs have a tendency to be coarser than hued hairs.
  • Hair shading can be changed and improved with different dyes that you may choose, yet dyed hair is around 10 percent weaker than untreated hair.
  • Brushing can regulate regular oils and include sheen, or make hair shinier.

Why to visit a trichologist in Dubai

Ever wondered your hair beliefs might be just myths? There are many hair related myths some of them are:

  • Shaving the head of a newborn prevents future baldness.
  • Don’t pluck the grey hair as more grey hair will come out.
  • Hair grow faster when they are frequently trimmed.
  • Washing hair daily results in hair fall
  • Sun is the best way to lighten hair
  • Sleeping with hair down makes them grow faster

There must be several more myths that you might have heard of are still believed as true.

Hair are important part of our body. There had been an increase in the hair problems over the years in male and female both. The word trichologist comes from the Greek word and is used as a word for hair doctor. This field of science emerged in the nineteenths and became a well-known medical discipline which people all around the world opt to study. There are trichologist associations around the world from which an individual can specialize in scalp diseases and hair issues.

Different hair and scalp problems include:

  • Hair loss

An individual starts to loose large amount of hair which can be seen as clumps in hair brushes and thinning patches of scalp.

  • Dandruff

White flakes that is dead skin of scalp.

  • Male pattern baldness

Hair loss seen at the temples of the scalp.

  • Female pattern baldness

Diffuse pattern hair loss from the scalp.

  • Ringworm of the scalp

Painful scalp with itchy patches.

  • Psoriasis

Plaque which is thick red patches of skin on scalp.

  • Head lice

A louse which sucks blood from the scalp.

  • Bamboo hair

Hair that break easily.

A trichologist in Dubai deals with these and more hair and scalp problems and is able to recommend individualized treatments based on the patients problem. A trichologist will help you boost the health and look of the hair and scalp.


Why to visit a trichologist in Dubai?

The above mentioned problems have serious reasons behind them and to cure a problem it’s important to know the exact reason of its cause. So stop believing in myths and the self-created solutions and visit a trichologist. As getting a proper consultation at right time is better and not paying a visit could make it worse.

You might be having some of the few reasons for hair fall mentioned below which only a trichologist could make you aware of and suggest the proper prescription

  • Lack of nutrients intake such as proteins and B-complex vitamin
  • Hereditary hair loss
  • Sudden change in hormones
  • Iron deficiencies
  • Intake of cancer treating medications
  • Giving childbirth may result in hair loss in some women.

Sick of the low confidence caused by the odor smell of your hair? This oily secretion that causes your hair to become oily and smelly is a skin cell disorder that a trichologist can help you of. Shed this low confidence and boost your personality by visiting a trichologist in Dubai now for proper medications and steps to recover from this problem.

How to benefit from the best trichologist in Dubai

Hair problems result in depression among individuals who are very particular about their looks. It also leads to a low confidence while communicating with people. Don’t just sit and cry over your hair problems. The long waited desire to attain the hair you always wanted could only be achieved by consulting a trichologist in Dubai.

It is very important to check the educational background and the years of experience a trichologist has before you pay a visit for an expert level advice and treatment beneficial for your hair and scalp problems.

A good trichologist will understand the depth of your problem and guide you through the recovery process until you achieve the desired results.

Perform a complete research and check reviews to book an appointment!

Hair advice from trichologist Dubai


We got hold of trichologist Dubai and jotted down some awesome tips to maintain and take care of their hair. Let’s dive straight into it.

  1. Pre shampooing routine

Before shampooing your hair, apply diluted apple cider vinegar to your scalp and leave it for about fifteen minutes before washing it off with shampoo.

  1. Apply shampoo to roots only

Only apply the shampoo to the roots of your hair. Do not focus it on the ends as it will strip away your natural hair oils and make your hair dry out.

  1. Avoid sulfates

Check out the ingredient’s list on the back of your shampoo. Avoid any shampoos containing sulfates and alcohol as they strip your hair of essential oils and promote breakage.

  1. Wet hair is fragile

Do not brush wet hair as it is more prone to breakage and fall out.

  1. Honey is your hair’s best friend

Get hold of organic honey. It has millions of anti bacterial and moisturizing properties. It will not only hydrate your hair but will also get rid of any scalp infections. Don’t worry about it sticking to your hair; you can wash it off with cold water.

  1. Cold water for shine

Do not ever wash your hair with warm water. It will dry out your hair. Use lukewarm water instead and incorporate cold water for final rinse.

  1. Coconut oil

According to trichologist Dubai, coconut oil is the best oil from treating dry and damaged hair. Use it once a week and massage your hair for about twenty minutes and follow up with your regular shampooing and conditioning routine.

  1. Silk all the way

If you are a fan of silky, smooth locks, invest in a silk pillow. Sleeping on cotton pillows can cause excessive dryness while silk pillows help to seal in the moisture of your hair.

  1. Avoid hot tools

Hot tools can promote breakage and split ends and eventually lead to hair fall. Always ensure using a heat protectant before reaching out towards straighter or curler.

  1. Condition prior to swimming

Trichologist Dubai suggest using a conditioner on your hair prior to swimming as it is one of the major causes of hair damage.

Natural remedies for hair loss until you reach the age of hair transplant


Hair loss is an issue that everyone experiences at one point or another in their lives. The only sound cure for treating balding and hair loss issues permanently is to get a hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية). With the help of hair transplant, you will achieve natural looking hair for lifetime that will require zero maintenance. But for getting a hair transplant, you’ll have to wait till you are at least 30 or even more, till your hair loss has formed a pattern and is not progressing any further.  Until then, you can try out these easy and simple home remedies that won’t blow out your budget.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk has rich moisturizing and nourishing properties which will help to reduce hair fall.

How to use

You can scrap fresh coconut and extract its milk via blending it and separating the solid pulp from the milk. You can apply this coconut milk directly to your scalp and hair. Massage it in for a good twenty minutes and leave it on for an hour. Afterwards, follow your regular shampooing routine. It will minimize hair fall and will work until you can finally get a hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية).


Olive oil and honey

Olive oil nourishes your scalp and hair and honey is well known for its antibacterial properties. Together, they will form the most amazing concoction for your hair.

How to use

Mix two tablespoons of both of them together and apply directly to your scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for one to two hours. It will create a green house effect and will lock the moisture in your hair. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo afterwards.


Neem leaves

Neem is famous for its anti bacterial and hair loss fighting properties which are essential to control hair fall if you are not ready for hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية) just yet.

How to use

Take a cup of neem leaves and after washing them, put them in two cups of boiling water. As soon as the water reduces to half its actual quantity, strain out the leaves and apply the neem water to your hair, focusing primarily on the roots of hair.



Egg whites and yogurt

It might seem like a weird combination but it can work wonders for your hair. Egg whites and yogurt are high in protein, which are extremely beneficial for your hair.

How to use

Blend two egg whites in a blender. Add three tablespoon of yogurt in it and blend the two together. Saturate your hair with the mixture and rinse thoroughly after one hour.


Shana seeds

Shana seeds are definitely an ingredient which is hard to find. You can get it from local Asian grocery stores. They are remarkable for stopping hair fall.

How to use

Warm up coconut oil or olive oil (use whichever you prefer). Add shana seeds in it. Let it warm up for half an hour more and massage it in your scalp for about ten minutes. You can let it sit overnight and then wash off with your regular shampoo and conditioner in the morning. Use it once a week. You can regard this remedy your rescue until you undergo hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية).

Lime seeds

If you are suffering from small bald patches throughout the scalp rather than overall thinning, lime seeds are your rescue to the situation.

How to use

Powder the lime seeds and fresh pepper. Mix the two powders together. Add a little water to form a paste and apply the mixture to bald patches. Do not apply it throughout the scalp and focus only on bald patches. You can use this remedy twice a week and you will notice significant results.

Aloe gel

Aloe Vera is a beauty plant. It is equally beneficial for skin, hair and overall health. You can apply it on skin, scalp, consume it with water for health benefits and it will help you.

How to use

The best way to use aloe vera gel is by extracting it from a plant yourself. Just get hold of aloe vera plant, cut a part off from it, extract the gel with the help of a spoon and store in a fridge for later use. Apply the gel to your scalp for fifteen minutes before washing out your hair and wash off with a sulphate free shampoo.

All these natural remedies can help to decrease the extent of hair fall until you decide to undergo hair transplant in Saudi Arabia (زراعة الشعر في السعودية). But ultimately hair transplant is the only permanent cure.