Restore Your Mustache, Sideburns or Beard with a Facial Hair Transplant

The concept of hair transplant is usually associated with hair restoration on the scalp. With the advancement of hair transplant industry, hair restoration procedures have crossed boundaries and are used for mustache, sideburns, and beard transplant Dubai as well.

Hair Loss in Men

Many men have trouble growing facial hair. It might happen due to genetics or losing hair all over your body. Facial hair adds to the masculinity and charm of an individual. Luckily with the advancement of hair restoration industry, you can now undergo beard hair transplant to enhance your looks. Now, you can too feel confident about your looks by undergoing facial hair restoration. Choose a good clinic and surgeon and revive your looks for a lifetime.

Selecting the right surgeon

Selection of a surgeon is an important aspect of beard transplant Dubai. A highly skilled and expert surgeon is guaranteed to provide great results. Every individual is different. People with different ethnicities require a different type of care while undergoing the procedure. That’s where the experience of a surgeon comes handy and it will allow him to understand your skin and hair type and deliver accordingly. A surgeon will ask you to come for an initial consultation and you can share all your concerns with him/her in the first meeting. Discuss different techniques when it comes to hair restoration and opt for an approach which you feel most comfortable with and that suits you best.

Cost of beard transplant Dubai

The cost of beard hair transplant varies significantly depending upon the clinic chosen, hair restoration surgeon and technique.  All these factors determine the final cost for beard transplant Dubai. On average, the cost per graft is 15 AED. About 500 grafts are enough to restore your beard, mustache, and sideburns.

Recovery Phase and Results

The recovery period of Beard Transplant Dubai depends upon the technique chosen. Follicular Unit Transplant requires more time to heal and a Follicular Unit Extraction method allows you to heal completely within a week. The results produced by Beard Transplant Dubai are permanent and you won’t have to undergo any maintenance treatments afterward. The transplanted hair grows in the same manner as natural hair and no one can tell them apart. Within six months, you will have a full beard and you can style it in any manner you want.